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Designing and building Green is one thing but what is next?

Designing and building Green is one thing but what is next?

The article published in Urban Melbourne back in 2014 is still as relevant today as it was two years ago!

The City of Melbourne’s website states that 70% of Melbourne city residents are living in high-rise buildings. As part of the City of Melbourne’s sustainability goal – to become one of the most sustainable cities in the world and to be carbon neutral by 2020 – involves the ‘greening’ of the high-rise buildings in many innovative ways. These include green living walls, storm water tanks and reuse, solar panel installation for electricity generation or for supporting bulk hot water systems and waste optimisation to name just a few.

Green innovations can also include automatically opening windows in common areas to decrease reliance on HVAC systems, modern equipment purchases and upgrading the old outdated machinery. It might be as simple as timers on lights or more organic lighting that comes on and goes off as you walk in and then out of a room…..

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