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Dedicated and supported staff

Melbourne Building Management services include providing the recruitment, induction, employment, ongoing training and management of staff in the following areas:

Building Management

Facility Management

Building Assistants
Building Attendant

What We Do

Our processes enable staff to provide and lead the full range of services associated with Building services management including;

Building defect management
Security services
Resident customer service
Emergency Response Management
OH&S Regulation updates and maintenance
Site and facility specific monthly reports, general client advice and customer service, attend meetings, AGM’s,
Property repairs
General maintenance
Essential services
Cleaning staff and other service contractors
Building asset register

Scalable Approach

Melbourne Building Management provides a scalable approach to building management and facility management, tailoring support to suit the owners corporation and property managers requirements. Proven ability to manage the entire process from recruitment, induction, employment, training through to day to day management of suitable staff, equipment and contractors.

Acts and Regulations

Our services ensure all buildings are compliant with all relevant industry acts and regulations. We believe in providing well supported building management services for all building types and deliver hands-on support to personnel within our buildings and enable them to manage its day to day function. We also provide relevant industry training and professional development for our enthusiastic staff, on an ongoing basis.


We provide the latest, relevant technology for the building, that will:

  • Keep records of all residents.
  • Record building plant and its maintenance, servicing and warranty schedules.
  • Record the coming and going of all contractors.
  • Provide a note system for the Building Manager and attendants.
  • Create Work Orders
  • Maintain ongoing records of all works and maintenance undertaken at the property.


Melbourne Building Management staff provides a layer of management over required onsite security staff, ensuring that they perform all of their required duties and responsibilities. All staff train in emergency security procedures enabling them to contact the appropriate authorities as required. Building management staff can also assist to monitor security systems and perform maintenance checks and test system. 

Defects management

We boast a wide group of skills across the business and senior team, including project management, engineering and construction. The Melbourne Building Management team is experienced in  successfully driving the repair and maintenance of any building defects and longer term replacement of major capital services as required.