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Book exchange

Book exchange

Our General Manager suggested we look at the possibility of setting up a book exchange programme in February 2016. To start the ball rolling we purchased a couple of secondhand bookcases from the Salvation Army in Hawthorn. We spruced them up and painted them black to blend into the communal residents mail boxes. The bookcases are positioned in the Lobbies near to the lounge areas so as they can be monitored and we can keep them nice and tidy. 

We kicked off the programme with internal flyers placed on the notice boards promoting the Book exchange. It has been very successful and the residents are over the moon that they can leave their books, mags dvd’s, and take any book of interest. Children books are the most popular and regularly snatched up by parents as they see them on the shelves. You can see people kicking back enjoying a read on the comfortable lounges in the lobbies or during the summer months in our spectacular Atrium, everyone from residents to guests, Estate Agents, Contractors, Postman and Couriers have all praised the programme. “… Russell Ephraums Building Manager

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All overflow books are placed into our the charity bins (so as to give back to the community and not to end up in landfill). For more information feel free to contact us. The team at Melbourne Building Management Atria Apartments 311 Burwood Road, Hawthorn 3122 M: 0448 646 046 E: bm@atriahawthorn.com.au

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M: 0448 646 046 E: bm@atriahawthorn.com.au