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Melbourne Building Management is lead by Jenny Longstaff.

Jenny’s successful career has centred around Sciences, Building’s and people management. Experienced working within Property Management, local government, Education, waste and the environment, Jenny’s style is approachable, entrepreneurial and industrious. This is complemented by Jenny’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management and her credentials as an Accredited Associate with the Green Building Council of Australia.

Jenny Longstaff as our General Manager is the driving force to the adoption of Green Building Management practices. Constantly improving the processes and procedures, nurturing innovation and training staff in effort to support a best practice approach. That aims to improve the liveability and occupancy of the residents, tenants and occupants within the buildings Melbourne Building Management serves.

Brand and Logo

The Melbourne Building Management logo gives a nod to brand Melbourne and the iconic Architectural Building statements within Melbourne. The shards of colour within the M icon represent the sophisticated Architectural design of all buildings, in which every element is necessary and intentional. The shards of light represent the depth, angles and all the technical detail that goes into each building and facility. Just like a diamond and its facets which reflect light if well cared for can remain flawless. www.digitalwhitespace.com.au